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artice_wharf_nov03_sDear Laura, tai chi seems to be the most popular martial art but I can’t find any qualified local teachers..?

I can only recommend one registered instructor personally, but I can also give you the details of a ‘teacher locator’.

Docklands-based Simon Hedley has been practising tai chi for over fifteen years, and has three gold medals to boot. Also in his favour is the fact that he has a business background so he’s in a great position to empathise with you busy execs, and can tailor your training accordingly.

Contact him on 07930 275223, or check out www.psitaichichuan.co.uk

Alternatively you can go to www.taichiunion.com (or call them on 0141 810 3482) to search your area for a teacher. Tai chi is becoming increasingly popular as not only is it a highly effective martial art, tai chi also trains the mind, making it very beneficial for counteracting stress (one last word: as with any trainer or therapist, do ensure your teacher holds relevant qualifications and public liability insurance).

“The Wharf” magazine November 2003.