What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Many people have seen the images of people in Hong Kong or in the park moving slowly and gracefully as if dancing.

This is the form aspect of Tai Chi. One of many aspects to this martial art.

Tai Chi (or its full title Tai Chi Chuan) means “Great Ultimate Boxing”.

It has a chinese tradition that traces its routes back to the Shaolin monks and original moving meditations / yogas of the East. The real source is now steeped in myth, but for the last few hundred years it has been refined and practised extensively across first China and now the world.

In this way Tai Chi is a many faceted martial art, that has been developed through the experience of generations in the east, and of late the west, leading it to its current state helping practitioners develop stregth of mind, body and spirit.

It incorporates:

  • Moving Meditation: The focus of mind and body as one
  • Philosophical / Spiritual aspect: “know thyself”
  • Physical Wellbeing: Stretching, flexibility, circulation and stability
  • Self-Defense: A highly effective practical martial art

Tai Chi is a highly effective practical martial art, that leaves the mind clear and focussed, combatting stress and helping keeping the practitioner in a state of health and well being.

For further details contact Master Tai Chi and one of our instructors will be best able to introduce you to this graceful art.