Tai Chi in SE16

We love teaching Tai Chi in SE16.. we’ve been doing it on an off for nearly 16 years now.

There are great parks, space and sunshine.

There have been recent developments which mean we’re looking to refocus and upgrade what we’re doing in the area.

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Why learn Tai Chi Chuan?

I’ve been asked “Why should I learn Tai Chi Chuan?” many times over more than twenty years.

The simple answer is because you can and it’s amazing.

A more subtle and “masterful answer” is that you shouldn’t but you can choose to learn and in time master Tai Chi.

People come to learn for many different reasons.

Here are some of the common reasons:

  • I want to learn to relax
  • I want to increase my balance
  • I want to get fit gently
  • I want to meditate and I love the idea of moving meditation
  • I want to know how these old people are so flexible in the park
  • I want to master true self defence
  • I want to compete

Whatever the reason – you can start today and enjoy a lifetime of joy with this magical art.