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We have been studying, teaching and mastering tai chi for over twenty years.

Our lead instructor Simon won three gold medals in the 1996 British Tai Chi Open, and has helped countless others go on to excel in Tai Chi in both competition, life and business.

Tai Chi Chuan is a great and wonderful subtle powerful art and one we look forward to introducing you to.


Simon Hedley

Si studied martial arts from a young age. This included Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Aikido. These added to his repertoire, and allowed Si to see the really power and effectiveness of Tai Chi Chuan.

External martial arts always suit the bigger faster opponent, and to a boy of 13 there are many who are bigger and faster, as there are in later life. The quick wit of Tai Chi struck a chord, as well as providing meditative practise which helps produce a sharp quick focussed mind. Something which is very useful in any path through life.

He was very fortunate to find Katherine Allen. A kind and wise woman, who had trained in Tai Chi for many years, and with a foundation drawn from various fields including equestrian, Yoga, and meditation. She helped shape the young boy’s education in Tai Chi whilst serving as a spark for his philosophical inquisitions. Her teaching style was not that of “Right/Wrong” but of a shared learning experience. This was ideal for the young inquisitive student with a passion and thirst to learn.

The next turning point for Si was meeting Dan Docherty who showed a different side to Tai Chi. While Katherine was a slight woman, Dan was a mountain. Having trained in Karate and working for the police force in Hong Kong where he had studied with an original master. He had a soft strength, built from his foundation in external martial arts, and that gave Si the nudge he needed to see that more was possible from the gentle art.

Dan pushed Si hard on the monthly training sessions as well as teaching him the “behind the door” forms of the Nei-Kung and Baduaquin. These were invaluable in giving Si a great strong foundation. It is this base which enabled such swift later progress. It was also with Dan that Si experienced San Shou and saw how speed could produce power, and that being able to control the spiral would be essential in reaching the next level.

Si was naturally an achiever and competitve, and in his first competition achieved 3 Gold Medals in the British Open (1996) within the pushing hands fixed and moving step catagories. {the third gold being in the weight class above his own}.

Si relished all aspects of Tai Chi but saw in the weapons forms and the applications the real intelligence training that Tai Chi allows and over the years he has continued to refine his own skill, and model the key elements that allow him to transmit his knowledge quickly and easily to others.

He continues to train with other martial artists and to continue to grow his awareness of both Tai Chi and other arts.

He has written many articles and discussions on the benefits and effectiveness of Tai Chi, as well as the philosophical inquiries that it allows (see Tao of Psi)

He has been instrumental in training many British and International champions. He is also now a qualified NLP practitioner and is able to bring the latest western Scientific techniques to this wondrous Eastern Art.


He is a current grade A instructor registered with the TCUGB and BCCMA.
He has competed in national and international competitions in Tai Chi Chuan, Fencing, Judo and many other physical disciplines.