Master Tai Chi™ with Simon Hedley

Psi Tai Chi Chuan™ | Tai Chi as it’s meant to be

Master Tai Chi Sabre Kick

Psi Tai Chi Chuan is Practical Effective Intelligent Tai Chi. A Martial art for the modern age, incorporating: Hand Forms, Weapon Forms (Sabre, Sword, Spear), Self-Defence, Nei-Kung (internal strength), Pushing Hands, Chi Sau, and Chi Kung (Energy Cultivation).

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique martial art that is ideal for our time.

It combines three main elements:

  • Martial – A Highly Effective Martial Art
  • Health – Holistic Balance, Breathing, Flexibility and Strength
  • Mind – Moving and Still Meditations leaving you focussed and clear – able to keep your head while others are losing theirs.

Have you considered learning and mastering tai chi?

It’s ideal if you are looking to:

  • Relax and Learn to Combat Stress Quickly and Effectively
  • Improve Your core strength and balance
  • Learn Self Defence and Inner Confidence
  • Train in an effective martial art

Currently bespoke classes are available evenings and weekends on a one to one basis and for small groups.

Train with a triple British Open Gold Medallist who has trained with others that became medallists also, and has over a decade’s experience in passing on the secrets of this ancient art quickly and effectively.

When the student is ready.. the teacher will appear.
Are you ready now?

Text Tai Chi to +44 7930 275 223